Dan and Melissa regularly receive testimonies from all over the world of how their music and ministry has impacted lives.  Here are just a few!

Hello Dan and Melissa!

I am a fifteen year old violinist, and I went to the concert you played at the “River of Life” in Lethbridge on May 2nd.  I’d never seen you play before, but really wanted to, especially because Dan is a very talented violinist.  Dan and Melissa, the worship was awesome, and I was really refreshed by your music.  I felt the Holy Spirit moving through you.  God has given you such an amazing ministry, and I can see His hand of blessing on you.  I was pleased to see your desire to give the glory to God, because the Lord is the One Who works through us.  “The Lord bless you and keep you…”

– Becky (Alberta, Canada)


Dear Melissa and Dan, just wanted to let you know how much l enjoy your beautiful music… it encourages me, uplifts me, it helps me get in the worship praise mode,and can’t really say enough about it. I really love all of it.

– Ruth (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have a good friend that joined us at your [concert] on Friday night and he bought the CD on healing (the instrumental). He listened to it on Sunday as he drove home and called me as soon as he reached home! His message was soul inspiring and he said that listening to this CD changed the way he sees worship forever! He said he never cried that much and the next day he drove back 150km to our house just to play the CD for us. We all cried as we absorbed the message from YHWH. It is a big transformation for us and I just want to thank you for it!  It was really life changing, and I will pray that YHWH will bless you and Melissa in your ventures!

– Gideon (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Letter from a Federal Inmate*

Hello Distant Friend:

I heard and thought again and again of the beautiful music you play, and wanted to connect.  Your music, Dan David, is more than wonderful and I do love it.  You are very easy to listen to…..God’s given me a trust and a gift of music and it never ceases, day or night.  My heartbeat needs it.

Prayers and Blessings,

(name removed for confidentiality)
*brief excerpts from letter shared

I bought your Sojourn CD for myself and a friend who lives in California.  I was extremely touched at the service at Beth Messiah a few weeks ago in January.  The Ruach HaKodesh overflowed and the anointing in the air and in our spirit was powerful.  I could not help my eyes from having so many tears of awe, joy and gratefulness.  I needed that service.


Audra (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)


 I listened to your music on Sojourn and Holy Spirit greatly ministered to me through your music!

– Elmarie  (L’Agulhas, the most southern tip of Africa)

Dear Melissa and Dan,

Shalom and blessings on you and Dan!  Your Shabbat concert was a blessing to all.  I heard the most amazing testimonies.  There were times we felt as if the Glory Cloud had descended. 


Rabbi Nathan & Susan (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Dear Dan,

Last weekend was one of our memorable days.  We received the 2 books, 3 small bibles and [Sojourn] CD.  We lovingly enjoyed Melissa’s anointed songs. My husband testified that while he listened, something just loosed him! He cant explain what that was, but he states that he underwent deliverance.

One worship leader in one of local churches just rushed for his local guitar to try out the sweet instrumental. We really had a pleasant moment.  As for me, I kept in reverence to my King; that I lost words…I kept on telling the Lord that am ‘finished,’ the presence of my dear Lord was so eminent that I kept on laughing in the Holy Ghost.

an can we play the music in our local church (before services commence)? We believe the environment of  bloodshed will be dealt with very well and other principalities of evil will break and fall with this anointing in Jesus’ name.

– Milly (South Sudan, Africa)


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