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  1. Thank you for be living sacrifices that diffuse the Light & Saving strength of Christ’s message of Hope through your gifts of ministry (Ps.27).
    Shalom, Tom & Caramel Gray

  2. Hello Dear Brother & Sister Dan & Melissa David
    I want to take this moment to express my heart felt Love to you both, On the precious music with such heavenly lord inspired gifted words.

    You have greatly touched my life in ways I have prayed for so long.
    And! because of the gentle Great Love you both have for our Lord.With such heavenly music sent down by the Lord Adoni and Yeshua.

    I have been greatly touched with such blessings of anionting .Just as I watched you both on Vision T.V. With The House of David Ministry this week for the very first time.
    I wanted to tell you both how much your music & testimonies have brought the Lord so much more closer in my life.
    The Deep heavenly felt Beautiful amazing words in songs. With such a powerful Anointing The Lord has brought through you both in my life this week .
    OH!I am so very! grateful & Joy filled from watching you both on The House of David Ministry ..
    I am just ever! so Thankful for you both and for the Ministry ..

    Shalom My Dearest brother Dan & sister Melissa David.
    As I continue to pray for you both in your journey with the Lord ..
    I will keep praying He shall Always Be guiding you & protecting you and your dear little child
    Words can not express how much you both have drawn me so much closer to our Lord and to have been given such great healing power.
    Oh! how I do Thank You! !Thank You! with all my heart for such Anointing power and blessings through your Music given down by the Lord Yeshua

    For Your Ministry and such Inspired music that is truly A beautiful gift from the Lord..

    As I continue to pray for you both.
    Shalom my Dearest brother & sister Dan & Melissa David & family

    Sister Joan-Marie Lelacheur

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