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In their frequent and extensive travels, Dan and Melissa find that certain questions seem to arise more often than others. Here are some answers to their most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

1.¬† Why did Dan turn down a record deal offer from a major label to “play for Jesus”?

As a young adult, Dan came to know Jesus (Yeshua), and realized that playing for the world would not bring the fulfillment of God’s plan for his life.¬† He has played for audiences of up to 27,000 people, and has seen the emptiness when God is not present.¬†The book of LIFE teaches the following:¬† “Of what¬†profit it is for man that he gains the whole world,¬†yet loses his soul” Matthew 26:16.¬†Today, Dan finds infinitely more joy, purpose,¬†meaning, and fulfillment playing for God and His people.¬†And yes, God is generous, above and beyond what anyone¬†can imagine.

2.  How did Dan and Melissa meet?

Dan and Melissa have a very interesting and supernatural story.  To read their love story, click HERE.

3.  Where was Dan born?  Is he Jewish?  Is Melissa Jewish?

Dan was born in the Ukraine, but moved to Israel when he was a year old.¬† He grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, later moving to Montreal, Canada at the age of 10.¬†¬†Dan is fully Jewish — both his mother and father and their ancestry is fully Jewish.

Melissa is not from a Jewish background.¬† Rather, she felt a call to serve the Jewish people from an early age, and lives as one “grafted in” to the Jewish Olive Tree of Messiah and His redeemed people.

Together, Dan and Melissa comprise a “Ruth and Boaz” couple — Jew and Gentile, One in Messiah (Ephesians 2).

4.  Do you make a living from your music?

While the term “starving artist” is commonly used in reference to musicians, Dan and Melissa’s success comes from following God first.¬†As they serve His will and plan with order and diligent work, He provides above and beyond (read: Deuteronomy 28, Matthew 6:33)

However, unlike successful secular artists that use their wealth for themselves, the Davids raise ministry support towards their mission: to reach lives for the God of Israel. The Davids receive a minimal salary from their organization, thus being employed by their ministry (Dan David Music Inc.) Offerings above the salary go toward important outreach projects, travels, and supporting other evangelists and ministries. Being dedicated to this immensely important work, the Davids have redirected even their worldwide song and sales royalties to go directly into the ministry.

5.  Can you give me advice/help me get into music ministry?

This is a question that we have been asked often.¬† Our place is not to give career-counselling.¬† Being in full-time ministry is a God-calling; it is not a franchise, or a “let’s make a deal” business.¬†If you feel that you are called to ministry in some capacity, here are some¬†questions you might want to ask:

  • How much training¬†do you have (e.g. musical? administrative?¬†Biblical knowledge?)
  • Are¬†your Pastor/Rabbi, and other leaders¬†confirming this calling upon your life?
  • Are you called to have a regular occupation, and serve at your local congregation, or do you believe you need to give up employment elsewhere to trust God?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself, in prayer, as this is a very serious calling of the Lord that requires sacrifice, faith, skill, professionalism, and responsibility.

6.  Can Dan record on my next CD?

Dan keeps a very busy schedule as the leader of this ministry.  While he is passionate about new music, he is generally not available for studio sessions.  Dan is open to collaborations, but only with established artists.  You are welcome to submit a demo for us to hear, and we will contact you only if we sense the Lord leading us to work with you. All the best.

7.  Can Dan and Melissa play at my wedding/private event?

As of early 2012, we have decided that we will not be available for these types of functions.  Not only is our travel itinerary very full, but cost wise, flying us in for an event and properly compensating us proves too expensive for most who have inquired.  However, if you are financially capable, we are open to private events if they are outreach-oriented (e.g. private Passover celebrations, special functions with an evangelist, etc.)  You may contact us find out our requirements.


For Ministry Leaders

1.  What Can you Expect at a Ministry Concert?

During their ministry concerts, Dan and Melissa do not seek to entertain, but to invite all present into an experience with the living God through their original music and the declaration of His word. Dan and Melissa desire that the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) lead each event ‚Äď whether it be for a small in-home prayer group, or a congregation of several thousand.¬† Their sound is undoubtedly unique ‚Äď one that is not modelled after the world, but one that desires to reflect the music of heaven ‚Äď sounds that emanate from the throneroom of God to transform lives.

As a concert unfolds, Dan and Melissa will share original songs, interspersed with scriptural meditations, often leading to ‚Äúnew song‚ÄĚ arising for the edification of each gathering.

Dan David Music usually provides congregations with posters to announce a visit well in advance, so that other congregations can attend as well. Their worship evenings and concerts are not just a pleasant experience, but a special and life changing one.

Dan and Melissa desire to see the body of Messiah come together in unity for worship.

2. I am a congregational leader, and our congregation would like to have Dan and Melissa for a concert. Is there a fee?

In the past, Dan David charged a set fee of $1500 for a concert, but some smaller congregations were not able to bring Dan in on that basis.

Today, while their ministry has much expanded in its capabilities and reach, the Davids work on a freewill offering basis to support all aspects of the ministry (including continent wide travels, projects, full time staff, outreach, and more). If you have booked Dan and Melissa to present in concert, please contact them for more details.

The Davids are in full-time ministry, working on music and outreach projects that take time and resources to release, as well as ministering one-on-one to both believers and unbelievers. When they minister at a congregation, your cheerful support, as led by the Holy Spirit , enables them to continue in this work. Generous support also enables them to expand their reach into their community, country, and beyond.

In return, beyond the music and testimonies edifying your congregation and touching the people of God, when sowing into their ministry you are sowing into fruitful soil, and as the word of the Lord says, “Those who bless you will be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

The Davids desire to reflect the light of Messiah to reach the house of Israel, as commanded by the Word, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37). Thank you for supporting this ministry.

3. Do you have any references from congregation leaders who have recently hosted your ministry?

Yes! We have many references. We also have reference letters. Feel free to contact any of the following leaders for feedback If you are a rabbi or pastor considering hosting the Davids for a concert presentation:

United States

Rabbi Kevin Solomon, Congregation Beth Hallel, Atlanta, GA (MJAA)
Rabbi Steve Weiler, Shoresh David, Tampa, FL (MJAA)


Rabbi Cal Goldberg, Beth Shechinah,Calgary, Alberta (IAMCS)
Rabbi Sidney Speakman, Beit Tefillah Sameach, Lethbridge, Alberta (IAMCS)


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