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What does is take?

Dan David – Director:
Dan new profile picDan is the lead director of the ministry and all its work/operations including Hoshiana Publishing and DDM Records. In a nutshell, Dan is a visionary in charge of the direction of the ministry, concert dates, where to go and where not to go, and all major initiatives and projects. Dan is also the ministry’s outreach director, planning outreaches (sometimes in partnership with other leaders from across North America) that enable more lives to be impacted.

Dan is passionate about giving back to the Lord, and is an avid supporter of Israeli missions. He authorizes support for other evangelists and ministries, according to the promises of the Bible including Proverbs 11:24-25, Malachi 3, and Proverbs 3. In return, the ministry continues growing and is impacting more lives than ever before, all for the cause of Yeshua (Jesus).

Aside from music and recording, Dan also enjoys learning in the areas of finance, investments, decision making, and personal empowerment. In his free time, Dan enjoys running, reading, and meeting new people.


Melissa David – Co-director: 


MelissaMelissa is co-director of the ministry. While her role in travelling concert ministry has been scaled back (due to raising two very young children), she continues to support our ministry from our home offices. Her worship songs and instrumental music have touched thousands of lives. She also leads in the areas of administration, graphic design, multimedia, and communications. Her experience in the realm of audio recording, video editing and media has been a great asset to the ministry.  Melissa sings on most of our songs and contributes to all of our projects. Melissa’s anointed vocals can be heard on some of our most requested worship songs, including “Hoshiana”, “A Song for the People”, and “Lord of Lords”. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Music Theory and Composition) from the University of Lethbridge.  She has been a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) since age 10, and has been involved in Messianic ministry since 2002. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, drawing and painting, the outdoors, and baking.

Additional team members:

We have had an accountant on board since the incorporation of the ministry in 2011. Norm Moisan and Associates currently provides our ministry corporation with professional accounting services.

To upgrade our multi-media capabilities, we trust the services of Barbara Donithan, a Messianic believer who specializes in web design.

We also employ wonderful believing musicians for concerts where we feel that a full band would be fitting. This is a great plus especially for large outreach-focused evening concerts and Israel nights.  This in turn encourages those that we hire, often building up future potential worship leaders, musicians, and people of God.

We occasionally partner with evangelists for outreach meetings, events, and more.  We love supporting the work of dedicated evangelists who are in tune with God’s plans.


Your generous support enables us and our team to continue reaching more people for the truth of Messiah, and more people to stand with Israel and the Jewish people.  This in turn leads to lives being changed and to salvations.


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