The long-awaited new worship album
by Dan and Melissa David


Draw Me Close Dan and Melissa David

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Visions of Messiah Sojourn Voice of Many Waters There’s Peace One Million Reasons

Dan and Melissa David International Recording Artists

Dan David is successful musician and international recording artist who as a 20 year old in 1998, was offered a deal from a major record label. He turned it down as he felt the need to search for his true calling. Instead, he began doing session work for secular pop singers, being featured in concerts held in Canada’s biggest venues.  He also embarked on a journey to search for the truth.  At age 22, against all odds, Dan’s eyes were opened to the knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus). An encounter with the Living God has transformed Dan’s life forever — from darkness to light, setting him free to pursue his calling of using his music and message to bring healing and hope into the lives of many thousands.

In 2010, Dan met his wife Melissa, a pianist and singer. Since 2011, through music and powerful testimony, Dan and Melissa have been inspiring thousands of people across North America and beyond, also appearing on national television (with broadcasts reaching millions of viewers).  Listeners can sense the presence of God at each concert, where the Holy Spirit moves mightily through their original compositions and spontaneous worship.  Dan and Melissa have received numerous testimonies of healing and encouragement from those all over the world who have been touched by their music CDs and live concerts. Their music is dynamic, powerful, worshipful and soothing.  They are dedicated to empower lives and to give glory to God.


If you are a first time visitor to this website, we invite you to watch the videos and listen to our music samples. You can also find us on Facebook at the link above.  Join the countless lives touched by the rich music that God writes through the Davids. If you have never considered having a close relationship with Jesus, here is a video for you to watch.



For leaders only: To bring Dan and Melissa to your congregation, phone 416.835.6588 or e-mail dandavidw@hotmail.com  for more information.

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  1. Hey y’all,
    Hope all is well with everyone. Trudi was at Beth Hallel this past Saturday When Dan played. I haven’t been to services for at lest 4 Shabbats as I’m having severe nagging hip pain in my right hip since the beginning of November. I’m getting a shot in my sciatic nerve this week.
    I Didn’t know if you saw the 1st issue of the 2014 Messianic Times. They did a full page article (p-8) on my Poetry Ministry. If you haven’t seen it I can send you in an email. Stay safe & well.
    Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

  2. Hi Dan and Melissa,
    Just contacting you to let you know how much YHWH, the greatest God in all the Universe, has blessed me through your music.
    I was in Ottawa at the Messianic Fellowship there and found out that you would be playing that Sabbath. I enjoyed your worshipful music so, I purchased all of your CD’s. On the drive home I played your worship CD which had no words, just your anointed music. As I drove, because there were no words with the music, I just started to worshipfully (is that a word?) whisper the Names of Yahshua and YHWH over and over again.
    The strangest thing happened as I did that… the Presence of the Heavenly Father just filled my car and it was as if my car lifted off of the pavement. A trip that takes 2 hours seemed to only take 10 minutes. As I approached my hometown, it was as if I was coming in for a landing and I could hear the car tires on the pavement once again. What a blessed time and I have used that CD to worship with other believers in the same way.
    Unfortunately, I had to give that CD away to a young couple in Missouri. They could not conceive and I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to give it to them in the hopes that they would be healed as they listened and worshipped along with you guys.
    So, now I have ordered 10 copies of that worship music and will be giving them away as YHWH leads me.
    May YHWH richly bless you guys and your new baby as you continue to serve and worship Him.

  3. Shalom Dan & Melissa!

    I thought I understood that you were going to be in Columbus Ohio in April?
    id I hear you wrong?
    I don’t see those dates here any where. I am just down the road in Cincinnati. I would love to get a few of us frok Beth Messiah and come up and worship Messiah with you.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

    Amy Colleen

  4. Dear Dan, Greetings from Milly-(c4i S.Sudan). Do you have future plans to reach Africa for Christ?-especially English speaking nations like Uganda etc.

    We also want to enjoy that anointing in yr music. I admire to be part of those congregations in which the Lord has taken you to minister, only to drink that anointing and life coming out of it from the river of life(Yeshua).


  5. Saw you two on vision TV program House of David. You are such a blessing. May the Lord continue to live through your ministry. Many blessings – Josephine.

  6. Dear Dan and Melissa,

    I just saw you guys at Beit HaShalem Emet on June 28, 2014. I am not jewish but a born-again Christian seeking to understand the Jewish roots and get a greater understanding the the true meaning the torah through Hebrew eyes instead of my “english” eyes. I was a past worship leader and used mightly of God in His healing anointing in the past, but due to my God given gifts being abused by the church I was attending, I put my gifts down and now God is beginning to heal me. I was stirred as you guys were ministering in music that I needed to pick up my music again and start to write songs and minister to my bridegroom again. It has been at least 8-10 years since I have played. I thank you for coming to Beit HaShalem Emet and although I was unable to give you and offering, I will pray for you and your ministry as the spirit leads me to do so. I thank you for stirring up the gifts of God again in me to bring comeplete healing and wholeness back to me spirit, soul and body.

    With Christ’s love,
    Amanda Fischer

  7. I was listening to Melissa’s song on YouTube in your site. The spirit of the Lord sent his anointing of healing through your music, and the tingling and goosebumps just flowed through. Thank you for sharing your gift.
    I started a Prescription Lifestyle organisation recently in the hope of using my pharmacist and nutritional knowledge in coaching and running health workshops. I know the missing ingredient in healing is God. Proverbs 4 reminds us of that. So I was searching for music that heals. Healthy is a composite word of heal+ thy. Intuitive healing is revealed by God. So I felt blessed to come across your music.
    I love OT which foreshadows the NT. I was with BSF for ten years. Now I am in a study group studying “the footsteps of the Messiah” by a Messianic Jew Arnold
    Thank you and may our good Lord bless you both. My Jewish lady friend is 94 and lives in Sydney. She has grandchildren who are in music and ministry.

  8. I didn’t think your music could get any better, but it has….HaShem is truly blessing you.
    Hope to see ya’ll soon….

  9. Dear Dan and Melissa,
    Hope you are all doing well, please request the Lord to send you to us(Africa) also.
    I want to enjoy the ‘graftness’ into the Jewish Olive Tree, practically.


  10. Shabbat Shalom! Just heard you at CMY for their Shabbat service. Congratulations on your new baby girl! I was so blessed to hear your testimony and confession of faith in our Master Yeshua. I too, have a rock background as a singer and guitarist. Our Lord asked me to start recording in 2011, and also have a desire to minister in songs to Israel. I know that Adonai has something very special and exciting for your ministry! Perhaps we shall meet in Israel someday soon. Baruch HaShem!

  11. Shalom,
    I am truly blessed by how Adonai is working through you and your music to draw His children closer to Him. Your music moves my soul to worship Him. I was wondering if there is a music book of your songs so I can play them on my piano?

    • I’m just reading this … it’s almost word-for-word what I was about to write! So my question is, is there a songbook (or books!) available, and if so, how do I get it/them?! Esp. would like one for ‘Sojourn.’

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